Research Projects

Post-doctoral Fellowship

  1. Dr. Varsha M. Ainapure (2012-2013). Post-doctoral Fulbright Fellowship at Temple Universiy, USA

Major Research projects (ICSSR Funded)

  1. Prof. Dr Moushumi Datta (2012-14). “Sustainable Development and its Socio Economic Implication: The Case of Duars of West Bengal”

Minor Research Projects (UGC Funded)

  1. CA Dr. Reena Desai. A Study on Financing Models for Higher Education Institutes
  2. Dr. Mona Bhatia. Holistic Development of Students Through Co-curricular Activities
  3. Dr. G.K. Kalkoti. Performance Evaluation of Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) in Dharward District
  4. Prof. Dr. Moushumi Datta (2009-11). Quality of Life of Tea Garden Women: Selected Case Studies in Tea Gardens of Darjeeling District, West Bengal
  5. Dr.Madhukar Dalvi (2007-09). Applications of Queuing Model in Admission Process of different colleges in Mumbai
  6. Dr. Kavita G. Kalkoti (2010-12). Business Model for Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Minor Research Projects (University of Mumbai Funded)

  1. Dr. Vinay V.Prabhu, Dr. Bharat M. Pithadia and Mr V.G.Suchak. A Study of Organizational Culture in Private and Public Sector Banks
  2. Dr. Santosh C Hulagabali (2016-17) Automating and Networking of Academic Staff Colleges