Attendance Ordinance

Mumbai university Ordinance - 0.119 Relating to Attendance

For granting the terms in each subject minimum attendance of 75% of the theory lectures, practical and tutorial (wherever prescribed) separately will be required out of the total number of lectures, practical and tutorials in the subject conducted in the term. Similarly, a student who has been given certain class work or homework has to complete it to the satisfaction of the concerned teacher.

A student who is not able to attend his classes regularly and / or who is not able to complete his tutorial / project / assignments properly may not be permitted to appear for the examinations as per the University rules. Ordinance - 0.125 relating to the keeping of terms to the satisfaction of the Principal of the college:- To keep a term at a college or recognised institution, an undergraduate and post graduate must complete to the satisfaction of the principal or the Head of the Institution, the course which such an undergraduate and postgraduate belongs.

Leave of Absence: In case students are not able to attend lectures and / or tutorials for a period exceeding a week in a term, they should give intimation to the principal of the college and take prior permission for such absence.

Absence on medical or other grounds: Absence on medical or other grounds, which is given to the satisfaction of the principal, may be considered a satisfactory reason for absence from lectures or tutorials. Yet at the time of granting the terms to a student, his/her class work and other academic inputs would be considered to be of paramount importance. Hence, a student may not be granted his / her terms even if he / she explains his / her absence on medical or other grounds. Absence should be with prior permission; in case it is due to unforeseen circumstances an application duly supported by other satisfactory evidence in the case of other reasons, must reach the principal within a week of such occasion of absence.

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