Director's Message M.K.E.S Group of Institutions

The beginning of any journey decides where you want to go. The fundamental and basic step in achieving the cherished dream of any individual is in deciding and determining what you want to achieve and the way you chart out the best route to reach that destination. It is equally same for an educational institution. The longest journey begins with the first step. Once started, it is the restless force of enthusiasm, dedication hard work and co-operation of all who are associated, which leads the institution to achieve the set goal.

This reminds me of Mr.Narayan Murthy’s success story. Mr.Murthy started off Infosys Technology in 1981 with a negligible capital of Rs.10,000/- saved by his wife Sudha. It was their vision backed by perseverance, firm determination and hard work that paved the way for the company to be one of the top global I.T. Companies.

An educational institution is to be visualized as a global entity with an underlying responsibility to create global leaders who craves for the overall development of the social human being, social peace harmony. Success is never acquired through easy ways. It is the result of calculated risks and optimum use of the opportunities. Looking back i.e. the journey from 1983, we feel contended with the growth of the Institution. Yet, we realize that there is much more to do.

-Dr. Ancy Jose

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  • Proud to announce that 3 Patents have been granted by Government of India. 

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  • Principal's Message: I hope the year 2023 brings new hopes, joy, prosperity and blessings. May your talents get recognized and hard work pay you. I wish you and your family a wonderful year ahead. God Bless 

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