Staff Academy


  1. Endeavour/ A talk by Dr. Balasubramnian held on 07-07-2018
  2. Improving Concentration and Confidence/ Talk by Swami Amartyananda, held on 04-08-2018
  3. ISO 901: 2015/ Workshop conducted by Mr.Madan Mandlekar, held on 31-08-2018
  4. Future Challenges in Education/ Talk by Dr. Heidi Meir on 07-09-2018

Past talks

  • Pranic Healing by Mr. Sagar 2018
  • New Amendments in Career Advancement Scheme by Dr. A S Luhar. 08-09-2017
  • Human Rights, Reproductive Liberty and the Surrogacy Arrangement by Dr.Sheela Saravanan. 30-07-2016
  • Dynamic Growth with Gratitude by Ms. Geetha Krishnan. 26th July, 2016.
  • Brexit and its Implications on India by Dr. Brinda Jagirdar. 4th July, 2016.
  • Investment Planning Strategies for Wealth Creation by Mr. Gupta. 14-08-2015
  • International Financial Reporting [PPT]. by Dr. V M Ainapure. 08-08-2015
  • Benefits of Brahmavidya by Dr. Phadke. 28-07-2015
  • What Makes A Leader. by Dr. Mona Bhatia [PPT]. 27-02-2015
  • NITI Ayog Replaces Yojana Ayog by Dr. G K Kalkoti [PPT]. 14-01-2015
  • Cyber Crime by Mr. Rao.  20-09-2014
  • Motivation: A Driving Force by Mr. V G Suchak. 30-08-2014
  • Fatal Attractions by Vinay Prabhu. 11-08-2014
  • Career Advancement Scheme by Dr. A S Luhar on 25-06-2014
  • Academic Autonomy by Dr. Ancy Jose 25-06-2014

Admission Merit List