Research Cell

There has been a noteworthy improvement in the area of research by the college in the post accreditation period. The introduction of post graduate courses and other research oriented activities for U.G. and P.G. students, combined with financial support from various funding agencies have had a positive impact and promoted research culture.

The college has taken several steps to promote a Research Culture among the faculty. They include enhancement of the infrastructural facilities, improvement in library facilities, subscription to research journals, provision of free access to internet, etc.Research cell is formed to promote research activities. Student research projects as part of curriculum are undertaken in B.Com, B.A., BMS, M.Com, M.A. levels. Several faculty members have authored text books, four minor research projects are completed and one major research project and Fulbright Scholarship are ongoing. Teachers are encouraged to participate in conferences and seminars.

The Research Cell also facilitates the research activities by providing information on external funding agencies and renders help in the preparation of research projects. The cell encourages the teachers to do more publications and also to participate and organize seminars, symposia, conferences and workshops.

Our College is the Centre for three PhD Research Cells recognized by University of Mumbai.

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